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Charity Case Wines
February 25, 2012

Charity Case Wines

As a wine lover do you really need an additional reason to buy a bottle and pour your  next glass?  How about if you knew that the wine you were…

New Zealand
November 21, 2010

Stephendale Sauvignon Blanc

If you are looking for a white wine with lots of zest for an extremely reasonable price Stephendale Sauvignon Blanc 2009 is the wine choice for you.  Produced in the…

December 29, 2009

Arboleda Sauvignon Blanc

For someone who primarily drinks red wine especially in the cold winter months I seem to be discovering quite a few white wines that I am really enjoying.  Recently while preparing…

New Zealand
November 12, 2009

Kono Sauvignon Blanc

Lately I am hearing a lot of buzz regarding wines produced in New Zealand particularly Sauvignon Blanc.  I decided to taste for myself what this gorgeous country is offering with their wines.  I…