I have created this blog to discuss and recommend wines that have amazing flavor and won’t break the bank.  A great wine doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive to be impressive.  Affordable, great quality wines are so readily available which can make the choice of what to buy a little overwhelming.  I will be featuring wines I love to drink regularly, wine bars I have visited in the New York City area, and new wines I am tasting for the first time.   I am not an expert and I continue to learn more everyday on my wine journey.  Wine tasting doesn’t have to be snobbish or stuffy.  It should be fun and enjoyable and that is what I want to come through in this blog.

Enjoying wine has become a passion of mine and an integral part of my everyday life.  If that makes me a “wino” then I am extremely happy to be one!  Come drink wine with me and let’s enjoy this journey together one bottle at a time.

Blog header photo taken at Castello di Amorosa in Napa, California.