May 27, 2018

Triennes Rosé

Triennes Rosé

My obsession with Triennes Rosé  began last summer on a rooftop bar in Jersey City called The Iron Monkey.  It was a gorgeous summer afternoon and we were hanging out enjoying the weather and their amazing chicken wings.  For the record my family and I are all about chicken wings.  They must be proper and once we deem an establishment as having proper wings we will be customers for life.  I digress.  I ordered a glass of rosé without seeing the wine list and thus began my quest for Triennes. A nice Triennes Rosé I photographed the receipt and upon my next trip to my local Super Buy Rite I was delighted to see my new favorite pink drink was in stock.  I purchased two bottles with the intent on going back to replenish.  That my friends turned out to be a huge mistake.  Fast forward to the end of summer.  With a single bottle of Triennes left my husband made a grave mistake.  It is a rare night that if it’s just the two of us we will open a second bottle of wine, however we were relaxing on our boat and with the season coming to an end we figured why not?  As he went into the cabin below I said, “open anything other than the Triennes”.  Well what do you think he opened??  I had wanted to savor the wine and I always find when you open a second bottle of a wine that is much different than the first it just doesn’t taste as good as it should.  You lose the essence of what that wine is because the remnants of the first wine still pervade.  It’s late at night on our boat and I’m not thinking about palate cleansing.  Well we drank the Triennes and I was enjoying it but not a happy camper.A bottle of Triennes Rose on a boat  The next day we went to restock and of course the bins were empty.  No Triennes!  My love for rosé spans all seasons but most wine shops don’t restock the same selection heading into fall/winter.   For almost a year we have been traveling to different wine shops doing “the search”.  No luck.  Instagram photos of it seemed to taunt me.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago.  My husband wanted to give me my birthday present early.  There they were-four beautiful bottles of that much sought after salmon hued Triennes Rosé!!  The excitement is real folks.  Needless to say I didn’t waste any time getting one in the cooler and cracking it open.  Is it as good as I remember?  Absolutely!Bottles of Triennes Rose

Triennes Rosé  is a dry French rosé from Provence.  In my opinion this is where the majority of the pink wine that I really enjoy is produced.  I find the palate of French style rosé to be more complex and they pair exceptionally well with food especially BBQ.  This particular rosé is a blend of Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah, and Merlot grapes.  Minimal skin contact gives it a light salmon color.  One the nose there is a slight floral aroma and a touch of ripe strawberry.  On the palate there is strawberry initially but the flavors change giving way to citrus on the finish.

As I am writing this post I am already concerned as to how I am going to ration my last three bottles.  Triennes Rosé is a bargain at under $20.  A quick internet search turns up minimal sites on which to purchase and a dreaded out of stock banner.  It would seem I’m not alone in my love for Triennes Rosé!

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  • On the hunt! I’ll let you know if and where I find. Think it will be a happy in between our those who prefer reds and those who preserve whites (and they need a change!). Happy Thanksgiving.

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