December 17, 2016

Bohigas Brut Cava Reserva

Bohigas Brut Cava Reserva

The holidays are here and therefore it is time to celebrate with bubbly!  I love to serve any type of sparkling wine for Christmas, New Years, and birthdays.  It feels festive and to me is sophistication and elegance in a glass.  Last night we opened a bottle of Bohigas Brut Cava Reserva to celebrate the birth of our niece Alessandra Elizaveta.  This was a very appropriate choice to celebrate a huge family event as this winery has been in the hands of the same family since the 13th century!  I had purchased this bottle after it was served to kick off the Old World Wines class at New York Vintners.  I have taken many of their classes so if you are in the NYC area I highly recommend experiencing them.

Cava is Spain’s version of a sparkling wine and is a wonderful and affordable alternative to Champagne.  Bohigas Brut Cava Reserva is composed of 50% Xarel·lo,  30% Macabeo, and 20% Parellada grapes.  It is made in the traditional method in which a second fermentation takes place in the bottle, the lees are removed, and a solution of wine and sugar is added.  In the glass this wine is a pale straw color with aromas of pear and slight wet rock.  It is dry with great acidity and has very little sweetness.  On the palate I perceived mainly citrus notes of both lemon and lime as well as a hint of peach.  It is 12% alcohol and retails anywhere between $14-$20 which is an outstanding value in my opinion.

I hope you will consider Cava to celebrate your milestones or even better any occasion where you feel like sparkling.  Happy and Healthy Holidays to all!




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