December 31, 2012

Time for Bubbly-Casas del Mar Blanc de Blancs Cava Brut

Time for Bubbly-Casas del Mar Blanc de Blancs Cava Brut

Happy New Year everyone!  In anticipation of tonight’s festivities I think it is only appropriate that my last blog of 2012 be about bubbly.  We always hear so much about Champagne and even Prosecco but Cava from Spain needs more recognition.  This particular gem was featured in an Iberian Peninsula tasting I attended featuring wines from distributor Vino Cava.   To be called a Cava the wine must be made using the same traditional methods as French Champagne.  Blanc de Blancs from Casas del Mar is made with these same methods and therefore is extremely similar in style and taste to it’s pricier counterparts. This makes it an excellent value especially when you are celebrating on a budget.  This Cava is a blend of Macabeo, Parellada, and Xarello grapes and is the product of very old vines.  It is very refreshing with crisp bubbles and a green apple flavor that is more prevalent in Cava than in Champagne.  If you don’t like extremely dry bubbly then I would recommend giving this a whirl.  The quality is excellent and you can’t beat the price-less than $13 a bottle online.

Fun fact: There is a 4 point star on all Cava corks!

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