July 29, 2012

Lincoln Peak Vineyard

Lincoln Peak Vineyard

My brother and his wife live in Burlington, Vermont and each time they come down to visit they bring us several bottles of wine from Lincoln Peak Vineyard that they feel we would like.  Last weekend I was finally able to visit the winery myself and I have to say I was very impressed.  Lincoln Peak Vineyard is located in the Champlain Valley in New Haven, Vermont and is owned by Chris and Michaela Granstrom.  The grapes are grown using sustainable farming techniques on 12 acres and the tasting room has an outdoor deck where you can relax and drink a glass or two of wine.  On the weekends you can enjoy live music as you sip.   If you just want to sample they offer a complimentary tasting of your choice of five wines.  They also offer a separate tasting of two dessert wines for a small fee.   Out of the current offerings my favorites were La Crescent ’11, Starlight ’11 a dry rosé,  and Marquette ’10 a dry red.  La Crescent is a slightly sweet white made of 100% La Crescent grapes.  I found this wine to be very refreshing and perfect for summer with notes of citrus and green apple.  My love affair with rosé continues all summer long and Starlight doesn’t disappoint.  It has a beautiful dark pink color with notes of ripe red berries.  It’s not too sweet and would pair nicely with many cuisines.  The Marquette is my top pick of them all.  It’s made of of 100% Marquette grapes and has many components I love in a good, full bodied red : dark fruit, notes of black pepper, and soft tannins.  If you can’t get to Lincoln Peak yourself you can purchase their wines online through their website and the best part is that most retail for under $20!

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