June 15, 2011

Rodney Strong Chardonnay 2009

A while back I had purchased two bottles of Rodney Strong wine at my local wine store and blogged about how much I enjoyed their pinot noir.  I finally got around to trying the chardonnay and like the pinot noir it did not disappoint.  Located in Sonoma, Ca this winery is environmentally friendly, using sustainable farming methods for the vines as well as harnessing solar  power.  I love that more and more winemakers are being more conscious about their production methods especially since I have been pushing myself to make more environmentally sound choices in my daily routine.  Rodney Strong Chardonnay is a pale straw color when poured and has pronounced aromas of citrus and pear.  When I choose a chardonnay I am one of the rare wine drinkers who prefer a more oaked and buttery style.  I found this wine to have a really good balance between fruity acidity and the butter notes and would appeal to the wine lovers who tend to avoid the flavors that oak ageing brings.  The lemon and apple flavors touch the tongue first while the creaminess that I love comes toward the end of each sip.  I served this wine with shrimp and tomato orzo with feta cheese and it made a nice pairing with this meal.  This chardonnay has 13.5% alcohol and is very well priced at under $25 per bottle.  Overall I have to say that these wines by Rodney Strong  are an excellent value and I would definitely purchase them again in the future.

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