March 4, 2010

Au Bon Climat Chardonnay

au bon climat chardonnayI never thought I would say this but I have found a 100% chardonnay that I am currently enamored with and have actually been buying on a regular basis.  The discovery of Au Bon Climat Chardonnay 2008 was made at a recent Court Street wine tasting.  I cannot stress enough to people who want to learn about wine how important it is to attend tastings and try as many different wine varieties as possible.  They are not only educational but so much fun to sit through.  They have led me to many excellent wines including this current pick.  Not one to ever order or buy a bottle of Chardonnay since it has always been my least favorite white wine variety, I was amazed with Au Bon Climat from the first sip.  Produced in Santa Barbara, CA this wine is medium bodied and aged in French oak, adding to it’s flavor and depth.  The aroma was soft and buttery with notes of melon.  The flavors of tropical and citrus fruits marry well with a good acidity and a slightly mineral finish.  Au Bon Climat works well with food but is also great on it’s own.  It is well worth it’s price tag and can be purchased for less than $20.

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