Cabernet Sauvignon
November 27, 2009

Silver Palm Cabernet Sauvignon

silver palm cabernet sauvignonMy absolute favorite wine is Silver Palm Cabernet Sauvignon.  This award winning wine is produced by Silver Palm Wines in California.  I first fell in love with this fabulous red wine at a tasting a few years ago.  I purchased several bottles and just finished my last one this Thanksgiving.  This is without a doubt the most smooth and flavorful cabernet I have yet to taste.  The varietal breakdown is 82% cabernet sauvignon, 10% merlot, 5% syrah, and 3% petite syrah.  Upon opening the beautiful bottle which is accented in platinum, you experience mouth watering aromas of cherries, coffee, pepper, and wood smoke.  Upon sipping there is a perfect blend of flavor with cherries, currants, vanilla, and spice.   These flavors are intensified due to aging in oak barrels for 15 months.  If you love spicy, smoky, reds or are a cabernet drinker in general this is a wine you definitely have to try.  My bottles were from the 2005 vintage which was only available in restaurants previously.  You can now purchase this wine online for less than $20 per bottle.  I LOVE Silver Palm Cabernet and cannot wait until my latest order is delivered!

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