October 22, 2009

Truly Zen in a Bottle

zenofzinAfter what has turned out to be a crazy and intense week at work I came home and opened up a bottle of Zen of Zin Old Vine Zinfandel hoping it would help me decompress a little.  What I wasn’t expecting was an excellent bottle of wine.  Zinfandel is usually my go to red when I am out on the town.  I love it’s richness and full deep flavor.  This version is much lighter than what I am used to even though it is 13.5% alcohol .  The aroma of coffee is very pronounced upon opening.  I tasted juicy berries and lots of spice but the best thing about this wine is that there are definite chocolate notes.  This is mentioned on the bottle and amazingly enough that flavor came through with every sip!  This Zinfandel is an extremely versatile wine.  It is great on it’s own but also makes a great companion to your dinner and can carry right on through with dessert.  I would say this is a perfect choice if you are entertaining or need to take wine to a party.  Zen of Zin is bottled by Ravenswood in Sonoma, CA.  It retails for under $15 and is readily available online and in stores.

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