Long Island
October 16, 2009

The Old Field

The Old Field
The Old Field 2001 MerlotI recently went on a 4 day boat trip up the Hudson River with my boyfriend.  Turns out it was the last good boating weekend we would have for the season.  As with all our boat trips we have to provision and make sure enough bottles of wine are on board to get us through the trip.  One of the selections that I brought along was The Old Field Merlot 2001.  In May we visited the wineries for my birthday on the North Fork of Long Island.  The Old Field was our first stop on our journey and what a place to begin our tasting!  This family owned and operated winery has been in business since the 1970’s and offers not only a beautiful and relaxing setting but an absolutely amazing merlot.  This wine tasted like a glass full of dark cherries and it’s smoothness carried into light notes of black pepper and spice.  It has a slightly lower alcohol content at 12% making it an easily drinkable wine and it pairs well with meat and other savory dishes.  Even though I have been drinking more full bodied reds as of late this merlot has made me love this variety again.  Overall a fabulous wine and well priced at under $20 per bottle.meoldfield

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