September 21, 2009

Wine For Breakfast?

vinho verdeThis past Saturday I was excited to attend the first Court Street wine tasting of the fall season.  This tasting featured 10 wines from four amazing countries: New Zealand, Portugal, Argentina, and Chile.  Our first wine was a fantastic white Broadbent Vihno Verde 2009 from Portugal which has earned the nickname the “breakfast wine”.  It had a very crisp, light flavor and has a very low alcohol content.  It is sweet but not overwhelmingly so.  For those wine drinkers who shy away from sweeter wines I would definitely give this a try.  It would be a sensational accompaniment to rich eggs benedict,  french toast, or as the distributor guiding us through the tasting so eloquently stated “great over your cereal!”  Perfect with any meal morning or night this wine is a true bargain retailing for less that $15!

quintadocrastoThere were several great reds but the one that stood out for me  also comes from Portugal.  Quinta do Crasto Red 2007 is a blend of four grapes native to the region.  It comes from the same area where port is produced and you can taste that similarity in the richness of the full fruit flavor that is balanced with a hint of spice.   This makes a great go to wine that won’t overpower food and can also be enjoyed on it’s own.  Definitely a red I will be purchasing and  another great value at less than $25 per bottle.

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